What are Rocker Recliner Chairs? ​

A rocker Recliner Chair is a piece of furniture that combines the best features of chairs, reclining and rocking. The reclining feature can take the back of the seat lower and the raises the footrest enabling an individual to partially lie down for added comfort. These chairs are also able to rock back and forth in a soothing motion that is enjoyable for the person sitting in the chair.


Some of these chairs can recline when the occupant pushes the back behind, the footrest is raised automatically. Some chairs also have a recliner handle that pushes the back and raises the footrest at one go upon pulling the handle.


These chairs are designed to provide you with maximum comfort when you want to unwind after a tiring a day or just laze around and cozy up reading a book or watching television. The feeling one gets sitting in the chair sometimes makes it very hard to get up, establishing the kind of comfort these chairs can bring.


The chairs are in much demand when people are looking for more and more comfort and luxury in life and these chairs are one of the best solutions for great pleasure.

Why should you buy one for yourself?


The chairs are designed to deal with various kinds of requirements and demands. Here are some reasons for you to consider buying one of these.


1. Relaxation


With most of us living quite a stressful life with the long hours of work, or long hours of commute. When we come home, we’re looking to relax and sit back in comfort. The chairs are made exactly for this reason. You can rest your body after a tiring day without having to lie down completely on the bed. You can pick up a nice book, watch television, have some dinner or have a drink while in the chair. It brings a state of relaxation and de-stresses you.


2. Easing the back and neck pain


Some of us drive to work or tend to sit upright in our desk chair all day long. We develop a minor or an acute backache. At times, these kinds of chairs are recommended for people with backaches because of the extra cushioning providing comfort to your back. The partial lying down position is good for loosening up the back and neck muscles and find relief for the pain. You can adjust the angles of recliners as per your most favorable position.


3. A gift for mothers


The rocking motion of these chairs is not very rapid. You can sit with your baby and make use of the rocking motion to help him/her fall asleep. The chair allows you to rock the baby while holding him/her with minimal effort. The mother can relax while the baby falls asleep because of the rocking.


4. Helps to sleep


A lot of people suffer from a sleeping disorder like insomnia. Many can’t sleep for hours due to stress or anxiety too. The rocking chair that enables you to lie down can be a good solution to the problem. The rocking motion helps to get sleep faster and those who aren’t able to sleep in their beds can try sleeping in their recliners to soothe themselves with the rocking motion.


5. Medical benefits


The mechanism of these chairs is known to help reduce the pressure of joints and spine, reduce the pressure on the heart and improve blood circulation. The angles of the body in a recliner chair are beneficial for these things and that is the reason we can avoid numbness, stiffness and truly be at ease.